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Chapter Meeting - September 19, 2019

Date: Thursday, September 19, 2019
Time: 5:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Jamie's Office
Directions: 301 North Main St. Austin, MN 55912 (Map)


Discuss any loose ends for the upcoming MGPHO and make sure we are good with duties everyone needs to help on.

Main topic of discussion will be marketing kick off of this year's Hunt For A Cure on October 19th at Three Arrows.


Great News - Absolute Energy will be our corporate sponsor this year.
DAVIN to do:

Page is up on Website for registration

FB post to go up tomorrow

Get marketing information to Gail Dennison for her group to market

Tie in with the Bruins, use QR Code and 30 second promo. Also, see if Bruins mascot may be able to come out for the HFC

Will get on KIMT, KAAL and KTTC community calendar

Promo flyer are out, will print another round of it Plus business card hand outs

Yard signs & 3 Posters to be redone and get to Lisa Pudenz to distribute 4

Staticia and Lisa Pudenz to print out Business Card HFC handouts

Dave Hagen to get fixings for Chili for this year. Stacia and Lisa to help with that also.

YOUTH HUNT - Sue still wants to do the youth hunt. Logistics of that is tougher this year with everything going on. Need to discuss.

MGHPO - need form a work group and time to clean up the spot

Check still coming from MDHA Habitat organization.

Davin to check with Turkey Hunters to see if they can become sponsors for the land dedication. Murphy Lake Worlein Tract