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Chapter Meeting - January 24, 2019

Date: Thursday, January 24, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Jamie's Office
Directions: 329 North Main Street (Map)


More Banquet Stuff


Arlen and Jamie attended MGPO meeting today. We as a chapter need to line up at least 50 hunter/host/dog partners lined up for the MGPO.

Working out logistics of as much land as we can get 3500-5000 acres to have available to hunt.

We will have the application by next week. One of the responsibilities is to vet the dogs to make sure that they are qualified to hunt well.

Goal is to get as many local people to use their dogs on the MGPO.

Need to have hunter/host lined up by May. More to come on this event....


Attendance is at 28 members, 16 spouses, 12 Ringnecks - 56 planning to attend at this point
3 Gold Sponsors Absolute Energy, Chrest Kennels, Eric Herenden

Ben @ Three Arrows - Donated 6 * 4-bird Hunts

Paul got 2 $50 gift certificates Tom's Taxidermy & Craig's Taxidermy


Austin Daily Herald - DONE
Mower County Shoppers - DONE
Facebook Event - DONE
Website information Event will be up by the end of the week. - DONE
Flyers up in various locations - DONE
The Ford Truck - need to put out the large posters - group to pick up and distribute

r>KIMT-DONE, KAAL-DONE, KAUS-DONE and KTTC-DONE community calendar postings. Davin - DONE

Mike Williams vet sponsorship - Davin - DONE Country Club, Schott Distributor, Austin Office Products, Pheasant Links @ Diamond Joes, Mike Nelson donates Grill and Fire Pit
Davin to reached out to Joe Landheer for a puppy - DONE 4 Tickets to banquet and $100

Gus going to do the pheasant hunt

Piggy Blues - gift card, Chamber will be donating gift card , Austin Vet Clinic to donate bag of dog food

Davin checked with Dave Hagen about an auctioneer - DONE Andrew Hamilton's will be the auctioneer.

Arlen and Tom went shopping for raffle items for the banquet - Tools at Sears, 20 Volt Drill set

Mark went to Baumgards' Yeti Cooler at a discount and 2 - $50 gift certificates

Mark also is waiting to hear from Home Depot

Next meeting all members need to have a list of all sponsors that they have lined up for the banquet program

We do have the Fly - IN Fishing trip at Pickle Lake
Next meeting Wednesday the 30th at 5:00