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Chapter Meeting - January 17, 2019

Date: Thursday, January 17, 2019
Time: 5:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Jamie's Office
Directions: Main Street Austin, MN (Map)


Brief overview of Governor's Pheasant Opener

Banquet Details


Dustin and Briana Whittington of Chrest Kennels and Dog Boarding - Hayfield gave a short presentation on their kennels and wish to form a collaboration with our organization. Our Newest Gold Sponsor

Update on the MGPO - Soliciting forms were submitted to committee for approval.

Went over budget - much soliciting needs to happen in the next 230 days. Need to raise another 60,00-70,000 for the event.

Next meeting of the MGPO next February 12th 1:00 at the Holiday Inn.

Banquet tickets at 18 and 2 Gold Sponsors - Now 3 with Chrest Kennels and Dog Boarding

Austin Daily Hearld - DONE
Mower County Shoppers - DONE
Facebook Event - DONE
Website information Event will be up by the end of the week. - DONE
Flyers up in various locations - DONE
The Ford Truck
KIMT-DONE, KAAL-DONE, KAUS-DONE and KTTC-DONE community calendar postings. Davin - DONE

We need 22 guns for the banquet. Craig Coordes gave a report on the firearms - Inventory on this element of the banquet is good this year. We are ahead of schedule as far as getting the guns in

Sponsorship Paul got one from Tom's
Mike Williams vet sponsorship - Davin - DONE
Ben Jacobson at Three Arrows is going to donate a sponsorship of a hunt
Country Club, Schott Distributor, Austin Office Products, Pheasant Links @ Diamond Joes, Mike Nelson donates Grill and Fire Pit
Davin to reach out to Joe Landheer for a puppy - DONE 4 Tickets to banquet and $100
Gus going to do the pheasant hunt
Piggy Blues, Austin Vet Clinic

Davin to check with Dave Hagen about an auctioneer - DONE Terry Hamilton's Nephew Alex? will be the auctioneer.

Sponsorship plaques for Absolute Energy, Jim's Super Fresh and Ben @ Three Arrows, Jim's Marketplace - Davin - Proofs - DONE final approvals needed