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Chapter Meeting - October 17, 2018

Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Time: 5:30 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Jamies Office
Directions: 329 N. Main St., Suite (Map)


Wrap up any details for 2018 HFAC.

Discuss 2018 Youth Hunt


Dave Hagen gave an update on 2019 Governor's Pheasant Opener

Need to raise $100,000 for event

DNR - Joe Dugan gave good insight for Worlein property. Called David Shad for readdressing Worlein property. Arron from Pheasants Forever said he is on board with money for our backing. Tim Walz was also there and he may be next Governor will appoint the next DNR chairman. Between PF and the city are on board for the fundraising.

Our chapter will donate $5,000.00 as seed money to get the ball rolling. Gus Maxfiled's property will be a hunting location for the event. We are currently a secondary area for the DNR and with this hunt we will be inline for a primary area.

December 4th at the Hormel Nature Center will be big kick off meeting for the event. Nancy Schnabel and Sandy Foresner are the point people for this event.

Having a dedication of the Worlein property would be a real feather in the cap.

Gus will be the point person for the 40 + Host dogs for the event.

Tours, media, publicity (event will realize $1,000,000 worth of media exposure.)

Three Arrows will be utilized for a wounded. Veteran's Hunt.

Many Gun of the week tickets left (30 left) if anyone wants to sell them, let us know. Need to get in by Halloween. Jamie to send out 3 e-mail reminder.

The Hunt for A Cure was a great success. Gross proceeds wer $8,460 bucks - expanses of $3400. Total proceeds were $4,000 we will be donating $6,000 to the Institute. Check presentation will be first week of November.

A Sponsor Plaque - Moline awards and PF sponsor awards - Davin will pursue. Absolute and Jim Baldus and Jim Stiles and Three Arrows. Shutterfly thank you fro the McMillians Wendy to send Thank You to all silent auction donars.

2018 Youth Hunt - Good shape on Dog's - Need people to walk with groups.

Mike is running the trap shoot. Need two cases of 20's and a case of 12's.
Need eye and ear protection. Wendy 12 gauge Dickinson gun Hats for everyone Runnings gave 30 bucks worth of stuff for prizes

Food sloppy Joe mix, beans, cookies and chips and buns. Plates and forks and knives Wendy Coffee, hot chocolate and cider - Wendy.

Registration is at 8 need to be there by 7:30.

NEXT meeting will be TENTATIVELY Wednesday the 14th of November.