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Chapter Meeting - August 23, 2018

Date: Thursday, August 23, 2018
Time: 6:30 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Cedar Valley Country Club
Directions: Hwy 218 North, Austin MN (Map)


Discuss land acquisitions with Will Clayton of Pheasants Forever out of Minneapolis. 

Hunt For A Cure -  Saturday October 6th.


Jeanne Poppe and Dan Sparks are very much behind our land acquisitions situation and get them involved with a petition or program to resurrect the Worlein land deal.

Will Clayton mentioned that he was available for help with this land deal and the involvement of Dan Sparks and Jeanne Poppe have made a difference in helping our chapter get support for our land deals.

This is strategic acquisition and the new leadership (Jim Leach - Director of Fish and Wildlife) change over at the corporate level of Pheasants Forever may make a difference in getting land deals done.

A piece of land building off of an existing complex with 80 acres as a minimum is the type of land that the DNR is looking for.

Building a coalition with our political leadership is one of the better ways to move the land acquisition deals.

There is a piece of property that is adjacent to our Schoetler property owned by a Ms. Johnson that might have some possibilities for future consideration.

A collective letter from all of our surrounding wildlife groups, WTF, Deer Hunters, Issac Walton League might be something we could get some traction with.

Building off of an existing property is one of the best ways to get another land acquisition pushed through.

How do we increase good habitat to provide cover for pheasant hunting?

Is there projects in the area where we can improve the property as a possible solution for improving habitat?

The Epley property adjacent to the Schoettler property is a strategic acquisition that we are wishing to pursue.

Will is going to get us some leads for future marketing, handouts to land owners in the area etc. to plant the idea to leave a legacy of habitat for our area.

Jamie is going to talk to Tim Ruzek Cedar River Watershed District committee meeting to gain their involvement and support.

Will's group writes Conservation Partners Legacy (CPL) $50,000 grants that they use to partner with groups like ours to improve existing.

Hunt For A Cure get a list of surrounding counties contact from other regional chapters. Moving to one big prize such as a firearm has been suggested as opposed to a bunch of smaller raffle items.

Will's Banner raffle idea with a variety of prizes to pick from and he will get us more information on this.

Davin Alan will be running point for Hunt For A Cure and Paul Jenkins will be the main contact for the 2018 Youth Hunt.

September 15th is a deadline to do an e-mail blast for the Hunt For A Cure.

Need to get our usual donations for donuts, coffee, food and water in the works.

Our next PF meeting will be on September 6th @ 5:00 pm at Jamie's office.