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Chapter Meeting - February 21, 2018

Date: Wednesday, February 21, 2018
Time: 6:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Jamie's Office
Directions: 329 N. Main St., Suite 201 (Map)



Attendance is now at 151.Attendance is now at 151.

Program is set, all sponsors are in.

Tom D. to pickup banquet programs at Smythe.

Paul Jenkins to pick up meat at Hormel on Friday the 23rd and deliver to Holiday Inn.

Ben's daughter to bring the dog for Auction at the Holiday Inn.

Davin will go by Mike Williams office Thursday to get his donation of product for Silver Sponsorship.

Meeting duties were assigned - who is manning what game- who is handling what during the auction.

We will be making a general announcement about the land acquisitions that we are working on. NO specifics but just to let people know we are doing something.

Arlen or Jamie to bring wax and wipes to dust off old prints that may have dust on them.