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Chapter Meeting - January 23, 2018

Date: Tuesday, January 23, 2018
Time: 5:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Jamie's Office
Directions: 329 N. Main St., Suite 201 (Map)


Dial in Banquet items.  We are one month out so get out and sell those tickets and sponsorship donations .


We are currently at 48 registrations for the banquet. Mike said he had 10 more registrants ready to submit. Craig Coordes gave us an update on the raffle guns for the banquet. Right now we are at 21. It was discussed to possibly include another pistol. We are in a wait and see posture on that. FB promo is due to launch as soon as we can figure out the registration pdf that is on the website. KAAL, KTTC, KIMT and KAAL will be contacted for PR to promo the banquet this week. Hormel will be donating meat, we will have a couple three choices. Dave Thompson is secured as this years' auctioneer. Description QTY Supplier Tri Star Viper 12ga semi auto 1 Coordes Tri Star Viper 28ga semi auto 1 Coordes Keystone Crickett .22lr 2 Coordes Mossberg 702 semi w/scope 22 lr 1 Coordes Savage 64 semi w/scope 22lr 2 Coordes Tri Star Setter O/U 12ga 1 Coordes Tri-Star Setter O/U 20ga 1 Coordes Tri Star Setter O/U 410 1 Coordes Winchester model SXP Black Shadows 3-1/2” Chamber 26” barrel 1 Coordes Winchester model SXP Black Shadows 3-1/2” Chamber 28” barrel 1 Coordes S&W M&P 15 Sport II 1 Coordes Mossberg 20ga Bantum 1 Coordes ATI O/U 12ga Turkey Fowler 1 Coordes Henry Golden Boy Pheasants Forever 3 PF order Gun of the Year…..Browning Sweet Sixteen 1 PF order Savage Axis XP 270 1 PF order Browning Buckmark Pistol 1 PF order TOTAL 21