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Chapter Meeting - September 13, 2016

Date: Tuesday, September 13, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Jamie's Office
Directions: 329 N Main St, Austin MN 55912 (Map)




Notes for September 13th meeting.


Need to be recruiting hunters for the Hunt For A Cure

Davin will talk to KAUS about and KAAL for interview.

Davin to pull together a PSA to be then submitted KAAL, KTTC and KIMT for their PSA spot.


HyVee to donate bottled water and coffee.

Hallmark will be donating an item for our raffle.


We will be doing the set up at Thursday Oct. 6, at 5:00 at Three Arrows.  We need a minimum of 5 volunteers.  Contact Jamie - Many hands make light the work.  Confuscious.


2016 Youth Hunt is coming up Oct 22nd need to be thinking about doing that tevent his year.





- Jamie is working with Hormel Institute, Austin Daily Herald and KAUS 1480 to get the word out

- Davin will get info. on Facebook to promote

- Will Clayton included info. in PF regional newsletter

- Please get out and pass around the flyers and recruit hunters!


Promotional Item/Gift for hunters:

- We still have approximately 40 hats left from last year's event

- We have decided to get travel coffee mugs imprinted with the H4AC logo for this year's event (Amy Surdy working on)



- Tom talked to Jim Baldus who has agreed to donate cold sandwiches and chips again (Jamie filled out donation application and turned it in)

- Jamie/Amy Surdy have tried contacting Jim Stiles about donating donuts with no luck - is somebody willing to contact Jim to pursue this ?

- Amy Surdy applied for donated water and coffee from Hy-Vee (still awaiting response)



- we have decided to once again do the raffle

- We need prizes for this - if anybody can ask area businesses if they would donate an item for the raffle it would be great

- Marty donated some items back to the chapter that would be nice pieces for the raffle (if OK with Marty)

- Mike has agreed to donate a gun for the raffle if we can get 50 hunters.



- We have decided to get together on Thursday, October 6th to set up the tent and tables at Three Arrows at 5:00.

- We will need people to help with this - the more, the easier and quicker this will go!

- Will need volunteers day of event to check in hunters, run the raffle, etc.


Please get out and recruit hunters!

Last year those involved had a great time and we helped support a great cause!

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