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Chapter Meeting - January 19, 2016

Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Time: 6:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Austin Public Library
Directions: 323 4th Ave NE Austin, MN (Map)


Continue with work on 2016 Banquet.


Hormel to donate pork loin for as part of our banquet meal. Home Federal is in at the $250 sponsor level. Kourdes will be supplying several (approx. 12) firearms for our raffle drawings. We recieved a Thank you for the $5,000 donation we gave to National PF for legislative action. Sue Thorpe will be donating 7 collector trucks for raffle prizes. We are going to explore the 5 day Driftwood bear hunt as part of our give away drawing. We will also be using a 2 day pheasant hunt package as part of our fundraiser for this banquet. We need to try to find a puppy as part of a raffle drawing also. A side of beef will also be explored as part of our raffle drawing prizes. Ford Truck raffle will also be part of our raffle prizes. We have pre-sell books of tickets available. We will amend the web ticket form to be able to track forms that come from the web. Will be adding new games for interest - Possible golf putting, Beer Pong type of game with prizes in cups, electronic hunting game was brought up as a possible game. Casey Hatch has a Bruins jersey to be auctioned off as a prize. Freeborn/Mower Electric Operation Round Up gives out quarterly $500 grant for things such as Youth Hunt etc. We are going to apply by March 15th 2016.