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Chapter Meeting - April 22, 2021

Date: Thursday, April 22, 2021
Time: 5:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Virtual - Zoom
Directions: Virtual - Zoom (Map)


Mower County Habitat & Pheasants Forever Meeting Agenda

Thursday, April 22nd – 5:00 – via Zoom

Call to Order

Old Business
PTTP event nice success for first year. Good participation. Photos posted on our website and FB Page.
New Business
• Welcome/updates
• Introduction – Laura Newberg, new local farm bill biologist
Austin Native, PF scholarship winner. Comes from Wilmar Dodge, Freeborn Mower and Steele Counties. Can help with private land questions, farm bill updates. CRP updates from USDA announced yesterday.
• Worlein Property acquisition/restoration progress
Still alive, looking for an easement.
• Banquet Preparation – 7/31/21 – Mower County Fairgrounds

To Do’s:
• Make posters & disperse all, group to distribute Amy, Jamie, Davin to develop poster.
• Make program Amy Jamie
• Marketing – Herald, Shopper, Power 96, Facebook, etc. Davin and Amy Flyer for marketing
• Presale GOY and Ford raffle tickets
• Food – what are the options? Jamie is going to check with Piggy Blues. Any other suggestions, please bring them to Jamie. HyVee Mike to get price quote.
• Alcohol and beverages – what are the options? Mike to check with Jaycees on them doing the liquor license. Wendy will look into volunteer fire fighters doing liquor
• Start soliciting donations – donation receipts/lists
• Information/registration on website Davin to do when social media stuff goes up.
• Games – add some more interactive/outdoor ones? Live rooster poop board, horse shoes, bean bag toss
• Emcee? Jamie to MC and backup
• Auctioneer? Mike to check with S. Moline of someone else. Lisa Dunlap to Dave Thompson
• Purchase guns – what’s already at Coordes? Need to get that order into Craig ASAP Mike will wrangle the details.
• Try to get a puppy – Jamie might have a lead on a lab. Tom and Lisa have dog connection too
• Banquet package/prizes – can we still order from National?
• Gambling Permit Arlen and Jamie
• Purchases from Ace/Runnings All as events approaches.
• Sound system/technology issues? Davin to quote AV for next meeting.
• Tables/chairs – do we have to bring our own? Do they have enough? Stacia to check with fairgrounds on tables - Jamie to check with health department on serving and seating issues. Tom to verify gun issue on Fairgrounds.
• Other?

Next meeting date? May 13th 5:00 pm
Meet at the fairgrounds for next meeting