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Chapter Meeting - October 08, 2020

Date: Thursday, October 08, 2020
Time: 12:00 AM
Type: Chapter

Location: Zoom
Directions: Online (Map)


Final Wrap up on DAV and HFAC Hunts.

Discuss final details of Youth Hunt.


Just wanted to put together a quick recap of our Zoom meeting last night Thursday October 8th. We reviewed that both the DAV and HFAC were huge successes, largely thanks to our chapter members who worked so hard to ensure they went over well. We ended up with 47 paid hunters for the HFAC, and also received several donations, the largest being $1,500 from Absolute Energy. We agreed to donate a total of $4,225 to the Hormel Institute and Davin is going to reach out to Gail Dennison about doing a check presentation. We now have the youth hunt coming up on October 17th. We need helpers to walk with the groups to ensure safety and keep an eye on them. If you can help out please contact Paul to let him know. Right now Paul has 33 confirmed hunters, but we will likely lose a few due to dropouts and other reasons. Note that all participants in the youth hunt must have completed firearms safety training or they cannot join us. This is a PF National rule and ensures we have insurance for the event, so absolutely no exceptions. We agreed that doing box lunches might be over kill and are going to look into simply providing cookies and drinks, similar to the HFAC. We agreed to have our next Zoom meeting next Thursday the 15th at 5:00. I will send out a link to the meeting next week. If I am forgetting anything from our meeting please chime in.