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Chapter Meeting - September 03, 2020

Date: Thursday, September 03, 2020
Time: 5:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Zoom
Directions: Online (Map)


Discuss three hunts coming up in October.

Discuss moving our Banquet to the summer and another venue.


Things are moving along well for all three of our upcoming hunts – DAV hunt on 10/2, HFAC on 10/3, and the Youth hunt on 10/17.

Charles Mills joined us and mentioned that he already has 15 confirmed hunters for the DAV hunt, but expects up to 30. Tent is secured for the DAV and HFAC, still working on gathering chairs and tables. We talked about possibly purchasing box lunches and coffee/rolls – no sit down meal will be served. We already have $3,850 raised for the event and expect to get another $600. It sounds like we should have plenty of dog handlers to help with the event.

The biggest issue with the HFAC is that we need to get out and get more hunters signed up. Right now we have four signed up – Jamie Surdy, Andy Graham, Rob Silbaugh, and Mike Symonds. PF National isn’t allowing us to do online registration for the event, so participants will have to physically fill out a registration form. This form is available on our website, otherwise Davin or myself can get them to people. No lunches will be served, will again purchase coffee and rolls for hunters. Not doing any sort of silent auction, and will not be giving out merchandise, which will help increase profits. Absolute Energy again donated $1,500 to support the cause.

Paul – please let us know if you need help with the youth hunt. Jim Baldus has confirmed that he will donate boxed lunches for everybody. Again no sit down meal, and we will be giving away two guns this year.

We agreed to have our next meeting on Thursday, September 17th at 5:00, again via Zoom. I will send an invite out for this meeting.

Thanks, everybody! Jamie