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Chapter Meeting - August 20, 2020

Date: Thursday, August 20, 2020
Time: 12:00 AM
Type: Chapter

Location: Zoom
Directions: Online (Map)


Further discussion on Fall events and banquet.


It sounds like things are moving along well for our three upcoming hunts – DAV hunt on 10/2, HFAC on 10/3, and the Youth hunt on 10/17. We all need to get out and drum up hunters for the Hunt For a Cure, and encourage them to get signed up online before the day of the event. Dave is going to check in with Jim Baldus about getting bag lunches for the youth hunt – we will not be doing food at the HFAC. Paul – please let us know how we can help with other components of the youth hunt. Good problem to have, but we have too much funding for the DAV hunt, so we’ll likely have some funds to use for next year. Awesome! We spent a majority of our time talking about possibly switching the banquet to the fairgrounds and doing it sometime next summer. Arlen and Tom scoped it out, and both thought it would work very well to do it there. We would primarily utilize the purple ribbon plaza, but could also utilize outdoor space. We agreed as a group to make a final decision by mid-November, and tentatively tabbed July 31st as our date. Tom – can you check in with the folks with the fair board to see if we can place a “hold” on July 31st for a month or two? We agreed to have our next meeting on Thursday, September 3rd, 5:00, again via Zoom. I will sent out a link for the meeting prior to the 3rd.