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Chapter Meeting - January 13, 2020

Date: Monday, January 13, 2020
Time: 5:00 PM
Type: Chapter

Location: Jamie's Office
Directions: 301 North Main St. Austin, MN 55912 (Map)


Meeting regarding getting items in order for the February 22nd Banquet.

Paul and Tom researching landowners with adjacent property to our Worlein property to get public access.


Facebook post of the event is up.

E-mail Blast went up and out to all PF members that we have e-mails for.

Jay Pudenz has solicited about 6 donations at this point.

Mike is working on a Mathews bow.

Mike Nelson also gave us an update on the guns we are going to have at the banquet

We are going to have some different games. Stacia is going to try to come up with two more games for next meeting

Do Hunt For A Cure packages. Live auction item with a hunt and a shirt and a cap with HFC.

Need to find a dog or two.

Need to find an auctioneer.